As you may observed, the entries are coming in r—e—a—l slow. It used to be every other day 5 years ago, then weekly, then monthly, then every other month…..and eventually perhaps once in 6 months. Not good.

I used to comfort in writing about just anything, nothing perfect nor deep content, but just rant off whatever that is happening. I found comfort in joy in just working now. Hmmm…that is weird. I wonder how i can slow down my life.

Perhaps many things comes with the age – and procrastinating to blog is one of the many ones. These few months had been busy with packed schedule as my schedule is considered as ridiculous to many of our friends. I enjoyed it tho, but i kept falling ill…hmmm. The immune’s not getting up to scale tho i had my daily freshly squeeze juice, etc.

Today is one of those days that I have been given 2 days MC, but guess i will return to work tomorrow due to so much back log. The meds were so strong, I am constantly in a “high” mode.

Some big projects coming along too that i have to slot in my packed schedule – looking for apartment, managing the finances…..and i guess lotsa working on the excel sheets  from now. It’s exciting but yet..there are jitters. haha. Sometimes i just dont like growing up.

Ah yes….Israel. Will be visiting God’s land again next March and this time with grumpy….niiiccceeee!

After my exhibition in Nov, will have to plan for the day-surgery i have to go for, ouch, i hate needles and ops. So you see, there are so many other matters to attend to and I hope i can update the blog as much as possible =)

The meds is kicking in again…and I am super high~~~~ and sleepy. This……comes with age too. I get tired easily now. Yes…the energizer bunny does get tired easily nowadays.



Too busy to keep up with the entries and the travelogues …. and finally I managed to attend service today. All was good, worshipping the Lord until this song came up….i couldnt control the tears that just let loose in flowing…He was there.

And He wants to tell you….how much Abba loved us, so much that everything He has done is so that you will come.

What’s holding you back?

Praise the Lord and i realized I can hear him sharper than ever before =) Halleluuuuujah!

We were heading over to Brother Carlson’s wake service and I kinda lost grumpy’s remote control for the car sound system. I dont remember where i left it coz i was having my axe oil (dupps..) coz i was feeling car sick.

Obviously grumpy’s face was as grey as the london skies….but i really dont remember where i last held it….

Grey skies didnt go away…lasted like forever…

I prayed of coz…”complained” to my Abba…and God spoke…it’s at the carpark.

So today I went for the funeral service, i told Jeremiah i wanna go through the carpark and see if the controller is there. I saw 2 BIG buses parked there (for ferrying the fams and friends to Mandai Crematorium).

I was thinking…oh boy..even if it’s there, it will be crushed, moreover it rained the whole of last night and this morning.  But if Abba says it’s there….should be there right….

And…OMG…it IS THERE!!! and it was like just half a meter away from the wheels of the bus!! OMG….how protected are our possessions!  There was a lot in front of the bus but NO CAR attempted to park there so the controller wasnt crushed either!

Seriously….thank you Lord, it was just a controller, but you are REAL! Thank you for letting me being so sensitive to your voice.

And while worshiping last night, it was amazing…i, too, saw in vision Brother Carlson SMILING widely and enjoying worship.  And during the service, Ps John said he saw the (same) vision too…wow..amazing.

I delivered a short, unstructured eulogy today. Was very last minute and was choked with words. So i juz delivered a short one..but that was whatever that felt about brother carlson.

Have fun there Brother Carlson, must be so much more fun up there that you decided to stay =)

Praise you, my good Lord

today…I am redeemed, chains are broken and I’m saved because of that Friday 2,000 yrs ago.

Thank you for the cross, thank you for the price you have paid

Thank you for your love, thank you for the nail pierced hands

Because of this, I am able to go to God through You. Your ever faithful and loving character had drawn me closer than ever before. The promise we made at the Sea of Galilee and how you reminded me not to give up.  Every tear i shed was like a diamond in Your hand.

When I doubted my abilities, you reminded me of how you could multiplied 5 loaves and 2 fishes to feed 5,000, what’s more to the gift and abilities that You have given me.  You can multiply it too and give us favors. Thank you Lord that you have always reminded me on how I will take the step to do the “natural” while You will take care of the “Supernatural”.

Thank you God for Jesus.

Today marks my first anniversary of my water baptism, the day i said “Hey…wait for me….im coming along!” And You said “yes, daddy knows the way home, dont worry, come on..hurry on…walk beside me…walk close…”

Yes….I agape You…

Short but an impactful life.

Joyous, Obedient, Entertaining, Loving

A kind hearted and loving soul which touched many others in a short span of time.

These are some of the kind words your friends and your dad had shared about you at the service. Indeed you brought joy and laughters to many and your loving and unprejudiced heart had embedded an important lesson and reflections in our heart and memory.

Those where the days we jammed, had supper, talk rubbish, watched movie, performed. At times you were mischievous too! You were 14 when you joined us. 2 yrs later you were towering ALL of us!  Your trip back home with the Lord had reminded me again that besides chasing dreams and trying to keep up with our packed schedule, friendship is something that at times we overlooked when we were busy.  Besides chasing our dreams and thinking how i can reach and fulfill the dreams, I start to cherish the existing gifts that God had given to us and give thanks for it.  Friends – God’s gift of “alternative family” so that we always have someone there for us.

Thank you for being in our life and im glad that our paths have crossed. You will be deeply missed. We lost a dear friend, a fantastic musician and did you remember we even came up with a ridiculous name “Yong Tau Fu” as a band name? One of the monkey times we all had..

25 yrs isnt too long – but you have lived it so well. Bet you are having fun jamming for the Lord now. He enjoyed Jazz?

Be safe in the arms of the Lord. We love you Joel!

Saat Ku Tak Melihat Jala Mu

Saat Ku Tak Mengerti Rencana–Mu

Namun Tetap Ku Pegang Janji Mu

Pengharapan Ku

Hanya Pada-Mu

Saat Ku Tak

Melihat Jalan Mu

Saat Ku Tak

Mengerti Rencana Mu

Namun Tetap ku

Pegang Janji-mu

Pengharapan Ku

Hanya pada-Mu

Hati Ku Percaya

Hati ku percaya Selalu ku percaya

Saat Ku Tak Melihat-Mu

Saat Ku Tak

Mengerti Rencana-Mu

Namun Tetap Ku

Pegang Janji-Mu

Pengharapan Ku

Hanya Pada-Mu

Hati Ku Percaya

S’lalu Ku percaya

Lord I will trust in You

My heart will trust in You

Bapa engkau sungguh baik

Kasih mu melimpah di hidupku

Bapa ku bert’rima kasih

Berkat mu hari ini

Yang Kau sediakan bagiku

Kunaikan syukurku

Buat hari yang Kau b’ri

Tak habis-habisnya

Kasih dan rahmat Mu

S’lalu baru dan tak pernah

Terlambat pertolongan Mu

Besar setia Mu

Disepangjang hidupku



Kau sungguh baik, Bapa